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About the Center for Heritage Renewal

North Dakota State University

Organization & Mission

Organization approved by State Board of Higher Education 17 May 2006, with the following charge:
The mission of the center for Heritage Renewal is to identify, preserve, and capitalize on the heritage resources of North Dakota and the northern plains.
Administratively, the center is attached to the Institute for Regional Studies, reporting via the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


1. To assist state agencies, private organizations, and the people of the state and region in generating prosperity and quality of life from heritage resources

2. To establish a center for expertise and action in the fields of historic preservation and heritage tourism

3. To provide opportunities for learning, employment, and internships for NDSU students (undergraduate and graduate)


1. Scholarship: We are research scholars working for a research university. This informs all our work.

2. Integrity: We strive to meet, indeed to elevate, professional standards of practice and public expectations of ethics.

3. Respect: We hold all citizens of the northern plains in esteem, celebrate our common heritage, and respect our diversity of peoples.