Historic Architectural Survey of Bowman County

Bowman County Bibliography

This is a bibliography (in progress) of published and manuscript materials pertaining to Bowman County, North Dakota, compiled for reference of the Historic Architectural Survey of Bowman County. Tom Isern, Lotte Isern, and Tricia Velure, compilers.

Agrimson, J. Elmo. Journey to a Far Country: The Parish Papers of Ronald C. Korfmacher. Bismarck: Tumbleweed Press, 1977. Correspondence, essays, newsletters of a country pastor at Rhame, beginning in the 1960s, but much of the material retrospective. Full of epigrams about regional life and character.

Carlson, C.G. Geology of Adams and Bowman Counties, North Dakota. North Dakota Geological Survey, Bulletin 65, Part I. 1979. This general survey of the area's geology is the first volume of a three-part bulletin in the "Groundwater Studies" series; the latter two volumes treat ground water issues explicitly. Included with Part I is a good, color map of the surface geology of Bowman County.

Crawford, Ivy Cartwright. I Enjoyed Everything. Transcribed and ed. by Duane Crawford. Mandan: privately published, 1979. Copy courtesy Duane Crawford, Rolette, North Dakota. A memoir that includes life in Haley; the author's husband was postmaster there for sixteen years beginning in 1940.

Crawford, Mildred. "My Biography." Hand-written manuscript, n.d. Photocopy courtesy Duane Crawford, Rolette, North Dakota. The author lived in South Dakota, near Haley, and in 1924 moved into Haley to complete her catechism training.

Dorin, Patrick C. The Milwaukee Road East: America's Resourceful Railroad. Seattle: Superior Pub. Co., 1978. Chapter 8, "Coal Trains from Indiana and Montana," deals with the technology of coal loading and "flip top" cars at Gascoyne.

Eide, LeRoy E. Sketches in the history of Gascoyne and Buffalo Springs. Typescripts, 1998. Copies courtesy Charity Fries, Scranton.

Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration of the State of North Dakota. Guide and History of Bowman & Slope Counties. Bowman: Bowman County Historical & Genealogical Society, 1984. This was a WPA project that was not published as a discrete volume in the 1930s, but in parts was published in Bowman County Pioneer at the time. These parts the historical and genealogical society gathered together and published. Good source for the survey, with notes on local communities.

Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration of the State of North Dakota. The WPA Guide to 1930s North Dakota. Bismarck: State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1938. Reprint, 1990. Passing reference of Bowman County parcel to tour itineraries.

George A. Ogle & Co. Standard Atlas of Bowman County, North Dakota. Chicago: George A. Ogle & Co., 1917. Plat maps include physical features.

Inventory of Newspaper Holdings at the State Historical Society of North Dakota. 3 vols., Bismarck: State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1991. Organized by counties, with a section in Vol. 1 showing newspapers extant for Bowman County.

Magnuson, Clarence, and L.K. Morland. 60 Years of Progress: Scranton Equity Exchange, Scranton, No. Dak., 1914-1974. n.p., n.d. This includes text of a booklet published in 1954, by Morland, and an update by Magnuson. "Just as soon as the homesteaders go their feet on the ground and got started on the long haul of building a home and a permanent community, plans were made for handling the grain produced in the new country by pooling their grain and selling it the Co-op way." Origins of the exchange, growth of physical plant, directors and management. Photos of buildings.

National Register of Historic Places. Microfiche, Teaneck, NJ: Chadwyck-Healey, 1984. North Dakota, Part 3. This fiche contains the nomination of Fort Dilts to the National Register.

North Dakota State University, Institute for Regional Studies. Fire Underwriter's Inspection Bureau (Minneapolis) Collection. Fire insurance maps of Gascoyne, Rhame, and Scranton, all 1961.

North Dakota State University, Institute for Regional Studies. NDSU Cooperative Extension Service Annual Reports, Bowman County, 1947-77. Unfortunately, reports prior to 1947 are missing from the institute collection. The reports in the collection contain useful references to changes in farmsteads and the landscape--installing septic tanks, planting shelterbelts, the advent of rural electrical and telephone services, farmstead improvement and beautification.

Opdahl, Donald D., et al. Soil Survey of Bowman County, North Dakota. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, in cooperation with the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. 1975. This is a standard county soil survey, including descriptions of soils, notes on land use, and a good color map of soils in the county.

Our Towns: North Dakotans Tell the Story of Their Communities in Their Own Words. Bismarck: Sweetgrass Communications, 1992.

Prairie Tales. Bowman County: Rural Area Development Committee, 1965. Although not a comprehensive narrative, this county history is a splendid source book organized according to areas of the county--Haley Area, Gascoyne Area, Scranton Area, Bowman Area, and Rhame Area. This scheme of organization makes it especially valuable for the purposes of the survey.

Prairie Tales II. Bowman: Bowman County Historical Society, 1989. This continuation of the 1965 history retains the organization according to area of the county and includes updates of area history, additional biographies, and additional miscellaneous articles pertaining to local history.

Rhame, North Dakota, 1908-1958. [Rhame]: Friendly City Club, 1958. A sketch of the town's history, followed by a roster of homesteaders, and then topical sketches--good ones including "Our Little Israel," "The Hometead Shack," "Farming--1908," write-ups on churches and other organizations, neighboring rural communities.

Rhame, North Dakota: The First 75 Years, 1908-1983. [Rhame]: History Book Committee, [1983]. This work is composed almost entirely of family, biographical, and personal sketches, useful for specific reference. Many photos.

Rozum, Molly Patrick. "'It's Weathered Many a Storm--Many a Wind Storm': The Sod House in Northwestern South Dakota, 1900 to 1990." M.A. thesis, University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill, 1993. A study of not only the material culture but also the mythic significance of sod houses in the region, focusing on three examples of pioneer construction that have been adapted and occupied until recent times.

Schaefer, Ray A. In Those Days We Danced 'til Dawn. Lafayette: R M Schulz Associates, 1992. This is a good memoir of a family that homesteaded near Rhame in 1909, with details of everyday life, including construction of buildings.

Scranton Through the Years, 1908-1983. [Scranton]: 75th Anniversary Committee, [1983]. This book comprises short sketches, with illustrations, of the various community institutions and a selection of historical topics, beginning with the coming of the Milwaukee (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific) Railroad.

70th Anniversary Reunion: Eden School, 1910-1981. n.p., n.d. This is the story of Eden School No. 1, which was active from 1910 to 1982, when it was one of the last two rural schools still operating in the county. A good collection of reminiscences.

Sherman, William C. Prairie Mosaic: An Ethnic Atlas of Rural North Dakota. Fargo: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, 1983. The "Southwest Section" map and and discussion in this work provide good general background on the ethnic patterns of settlement in Bowman County.

Sherman, William C., et al. Plains Folk: North Dakota's Ethnic History. Fargo: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, 1988. This outstanding reference on ethnic settlement in the state contains specific references to the Polish-Czech settlement near Haley and to the Bowman County colony of Jewish homesteaders.

Through the Years, Scranton, North Dakota, Update: 1983-1989. Additional material similar to that in the first volume, including information on the abandoned mine reclamation project.

Union Prairie Lutheran Church: 75th Anniversary, 1908-1983. Booklet, n.p., n.d.

Wick, Douglas A. North Dakota Place Names. Bismarck: Hedemarken Collectibles, 1988. A ready source on settlements in the county.

Willard, Daniel E. The Story of the Prairies, or, The Landscape Geology of North Dakota. St. Paul: Webb Pub. Co., 1907. 10th Ed., 1923. This work not only provides some general physical geography applicable to Bowman County but also includes a chapter on "Agriculture West of the Missouri River" that has particular pertinence.

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