Historic Architectural Survey of Bowman County

Frequently Asked Questions About Surveying Historic Architecture in Bowman County, North Dakota

Most of the things people ask us don't have much to do with historic architecture, so here's a page to take care of all those inquiries.

See any rattlesnakes?Just one, dead on the road.
How about antelope?Hundreds.
Aren't those scoria roads hard on your tires?Yep. Two flats and one blow-out.
So you drove around the county asking to go into people's barns and take pictures of their houses, and people just let you on the place to do that?They did. A remarkable fact about the historic architectural survey of Bowman County is that we surveyed more than 200 sites, and not one property owner denied us access. We just said who we were and what we were doing and why, and people were nice to us. Many took a keen interest in the work. Some thought it was a peculiar thing to be doing, but even they let us go with some such comment as, "Well, I guess there's no harm in that." This indicates a high degree of historical consciousness among the people of Bowman County. Either that, or we survey workers are missing out on lucrative careers as lightning rod salesmen and fruit tree agents.
What kind of salad dressing do people eat in Bowman County?Ranch.
Did you find any good places to eat there?We spent a lot of time around Scranton, and the cafe there is a community co-op with good plain cooking and a homey atmosphere. Catty-corner across the street from the cafe is the local pizza joint, which also is pretty good. On the other side of the county, we called in a number of times at the Hunter's Table and Tavern, in Rhame, which not only has good food (steakhouse type) but also is architecturally interesting; it's made of short logs laid up with mortar in the style known as stove-wood construction.
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