Historic Architectural Survey of Bowman County

What does this mean to people in Bowman County?

It's not likely that the historic architectural survey will bring national fame or sudden wealth to Bowman County. The benefits are not so direct, but they are significant.
  • The historical resources of Bowman County are recorded and recognized. The project files and report, under the curatorship of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, are available to the public. This is a significant addition to knowledge about the history of life in West River North Dakota.

  • Specific properties eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places are brought to the attention of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Listing on the National Register of Historic Places provides both recognition and benefits for property owners and for the community in general.

  • A record of life in Bowman County is created for posterity. This survey constitutes an elaborate snapshot that generations hence can consult when they wish to know what life was like here.
The down side? We can't think of any. We do our work with respect for local people and affection for the way of life on the Great Plains of North America. We appreciate the opportunity to get to know Bowman County and its people.
Center for Heritage Renewal