Dakota War in Dakota Territory

The events of 1862-64 were both destructive and formative in Dakota Territory. The Dakota War destroyed some peoples' ways of life, but not the peoples themselves. Their descendants on the northern plains inherit the legacies of this conflict and carry the historical memory of it. 150 years on, the Center for Heritage Renewal has commenced a reconsideration of the Dakota War in Dakota Territory.

This reconsideration comprises two branches: scholarly research, funded by the American Battlefield Protection Program of the National Park Service, examining the contested ground, the fields of battle; and public forums, funded by the North Dakota Humanities Council, discussing the meaning and significance of the Dakota War, historically and in our lives today.

Information on battlefield research being conducted by the center is in preparation for presentation here. Information on public forums currently being organized by the center is given below.

Dakota Discussions
New Literature on the Dakota War
Discussions of Columns of Vengeance, by Paul N. Beck
27 October 2013
Ellendale Opera House
55 Main St
Jeanette Robb-Ruenz, OPERA
(C) 701-535-0442
10 November 2013
Science & Technology Center Room 120/101
Sitting Bull College
Fort Yates
Mark Holman, Librarian
Sitting Bull College
(O) 701-854-8024
For general information on the program series, contact Tom Isern, Director of the NDSU Center for Heritage Renewal: (C) 701-799-2942 / isern@plainsfolk.com

There will be a baked-potato luncheon served at the Ellendale Opera House prior to the book discussion on Sunday 27 October. Serving 11-1 (baked potato, 3 toppings, slaw, beverage, bars), cost $7. For more information go to the web page or the Facebook page of the opera house.

Scholars leading discussion for the Ellendale program: Richard Rothaus & Tamara St. John. Scholars leading discussion for the Fort Yates program: LaDonna Brave Bull Allard & Tom Isern.

Check out a copy of Columns of Vengeance: Soldiers, Sioux, and the Punitive Expeditions, 1863-1864! Multiple copies are available for checkout (no charge) from the Ellendale Public Library and from the Sitting Bull College Library. If unable to retrieve a copy from one of these two sources, contact Dr. Isern directly (contact info above).

Read a review of Beck's Columns of Vengeance, by Dr. Isern, as broadcast by Prairie Public radio.

Press Release on Dakota Discussion Programs
Dakota Discussion Program Guide

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Humanities Scholars for Dakota War Programs
Tamara St. John (archivist, Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate), presenter
Richard Rothaus (CEO Trefoil Cultural & Environmental, research associate of the Center for Heritage Renewal), lead scholar
LaDonna Allard (Director, Standing Rock Tribal Tourism)
Tom Isern (University Distinguished Professor, North Dakota State University)
Frank Varney (Associate Professor of History, Dickinson State University) Additional participants invited in specific communities

Sound Files - Program Previews
Tom Isern: The Humanities & the Dakota War
Richard Rothaus: 150 Years On
Tamara St. John: Our Elders Tell Us
Tamara St. John: Who We Are as a People
Richard Rothaus: Actors, Not Victims
Tom Isern: Humanities Scholars

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