German-Russian Country

A Place for Grassroots Heritage Tourism

The Center for Heritage Renewal collaborates with the Tri County Tourism Alliance to stimulate grassroots heritage tourism in Emmons, Logan, and McIntosh counties of North Dakota. Center director Tom Isern is an active member of the alliance, and the center conducts research and development activities on behalf of the alliance. One of these is a Google map of German-Russian Country (work in progress) locating points of interest and providing information and links pertaining to them.

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The map above is based on a database of heritage resources compiled and maintained by the center. This information is available to the alliance as well as other parties working with heritage tourism in the region. See contact information for the Center for Heritage Renewal.

The center produced this concept paper dated 15 March 2010 as the basis for organization of heritage tourism in German-Russian Country. It also provided this prospectus to NDSU Extension and other partners. The center subsequently made this presentation at an organizational meeting on 29 June 2010.

The center has established a substantial online presence for German-Russian Country in Flickr, sharing a massive collection of photographs of the heritage landscape.

The center also has established an extensive online presence for German-Russian Country in TripAdvisor by entering attractions into this site, providing and encouraging reviews of them, and composing more comprehensive travel guidance documents mounted into the site. These include a general travel guide to German-Russian Country and a triplist (work in progress) of sites of faith in German-Russian Country.

Other NDSU offices working with the Tri County Tourism Alliance include the Center for Community Vitality of NDSU Extension and the Germans from Russia Heritage Center of NDSU Libraries.

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