Highways & Trails of the WPA

Highways & Trails of the WPA

A Guide to the Heritage Landscape of North Dakota

The WPA (Works Progress Administration) guide to North Dakota, North Dakota: A Guide to the Northern Prairie State, published in 1938, presented ten auto tours of the state as a guide to travelers. The Center for Heritage Renewal, North Dakota State University, with transportation enhancement funding from the North Dakota Department of Transportation, is working to research and reconstitute the WPA tours as a guide for independent travelers of the heritage landscape. Early and preliminary fruits of this project are published here.

WPA Tour #1The Red River Valley, Fairmount to Pembina - guide in progress
WPA Tour #9Southwestern North Dakota, along and around US Highway 12

View 1938 WPA Map of North Dakota
(Courtesy NDSU Institute for Regional Studies)

Want to talk about your experiences traveling the heritage landscape of North Dakota? Check out Heritage Trails, the Facebook group for independent travelers established by the Center for Heritage Renewal.

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