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Projects & Partners


Meeting the Mission of the Center for Heritage Renewal

North Dakota Combat Veterans since 1975

Compilation of an honorific directory of veterans of armed combat since 1975, undertaken under contract with the Office of the Adjutant General of North Dakota


Heritage Themes of the Northern Plains National Heritage Area
With funding from the NPHF, organizing discussion programs in public libraries of the heritage area


The Dakota War in Dakota Territory
Battlefield research and public programming


German-Russian Country
Working with the Tri-County Tourism Alliance to stimulate grassroots heritage tourism


Fall Suppers of the Northern Plains
A study and celebration of a distinctive seasonal ritual


Remembrance in Stone
A heritage tourist's guide to historical monuments of the northern plains


Highways & Trails of the WPA
Under a grant from the ND DoT, updating the 1938 WPA tours of North Dakota and putting them online


Man Camp Dialogues
Public programs on man camp life in the Bakken, funded by the North Dakota Humanities Council


Centennials & Jubilees
Celebrating North Dakota communities


Big Things
Documentation of roadside landmarks of the Great Plains


Big Smoke: Old-Time Threshing Shows
Living history thrives at these celebrations of rural heritage


Newcomer Narratives
Who are the people repopulating our prairie towns? What do they contribute to our communities?


Ladbury Lectures
Supporting Friends of Ladbury Church in presenting the annual Ladbury Lectures in their historic church


Great Books of the Great Plains
Organizing book discussion programs emphasizing regional heritage and development


Ethics of History
With the NPEI, addressing the ethics of history and heritage


Valued Partners

NDSU Heritage Renewal